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The World's First
Toothbrush with Plaque Detection Light 

One More Reason to Smile


Private Label Service

We provide OEM/ODM services to customize exclusive products for your brand. We assist  brand owners in Japan, Turkey, Australia, Taiwan and many countries to create a turnover of hundreds of millions of markets. Please contact us as soon as possible.

Sonic or Rotary Vibration

We exclusively provide you with two brush vibration methods for you to choose to meet the needs of your target market, and you will be able to plan a variety of product lines to distinguish different sales markets.

Applies to Everyone

No matter men, women or ages need to brush their teeth, our exclusive plaque detection function will solve the oral cleaning problems of all people, which will change the global oral cleaning product market.

Exclusive Plaque Detection Function

The exclusive plaque detection function allows you to have no competitors in the market, and the exclusive patent allows you to have exclusive profits, come and ask for more information!

Manual Toothbrush Also

Our exclusive plaque detection function can be used not only on electric toothbrushes, but also on manual toothbrushes. We have helped many customers sell their own brand toothpaste and our manual toothbrush set in the market, creating hundreds of Thousands of sets sold.

Revolution in Oral Hygiene

Our exclusive plaque detection function will bring major revolutionary changes to oral hygiene, whether it is toothbrush products or other oral cleaning products can use our exclusive function.

Professional Recommendations


Dr. Watanabe Yuko

Director of Dental Clinic in Osaka, Japan

It is very important to acquire proper habits as a child to protect yourself from the risk of tooth decay and periodontal disease in the future.  It's an epoch-making electric toothbrush that children can enjoy brushing their teeth because they check every time with a special light to see if they are really brushing their teeth correctly and if there are any plaque that could lead to tooth decay.


Dr. Bhakti Jain-Shah

Dental Consultant, Boston University School of Dentistry, USA

It is a wonderful innovation. What I like the most about it is that the light is attached, so it is very convenient and easy to use. This toothbrush is an ideal way to make sure all teeth are cleaned properly and helps prevent many teeth problems in the future. 
My husband found it a very novel and delightful idea and liked using it too.


Dr. Robert Haas

Dental Consultant, University of Leipzig, Germany

This is an oral cleaning product that can benefit everyone. It uses the latest professional technology of dentists combined with the design of traditional toothbrushes, so that people can easily take care of their own oral health at home. This is really a great invention. I will  generously share this new information with those in need.



Ms. Kiriha Kaase

“I am the mother of a five-year-old daughter. I saw this innovative children’s electric toothbrush on the Internet last year. I immediately bought it and used it for my daughter. And she immediately liked this LED light toothbrush and found it very novel. She liked the bristles vibration very much when she brush her teeth. And the blue light can show the miss clean plaque turn red color on the teeth. This function is other toothbrushes did not have before. I will also use this function to check my teeth. This is a good product to help our whole family's oral health.”
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